Web Development / Web Design

T-Bird Media first came to be as a web development and image consultant for Pearlman's Jewelers

Our company has quickly adapted over the years be providing new and up-to-date enhancements for the sole purpose of maximizing sales.
We've pitched many ideas for Pearlman's that has lead them to their success on the internet for 23 years.


For Pearlman's Jewelers we have development:

  • Initaily created the site in asp.net c#
  • Custom php/mysql site with a custom back-end system/ login.
  • Internal database for inventory; both online and for in-stock items.
  • Created their E-commerce platform; which was one of a hand full of jewelry retail websites, at the time of the launch.
  • API intergration from affiliated companies to add products on their site.
  • Continuously maintain and create new web applications.
  • Custom desktop applications.
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimization - S.E.O